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VR / AR / MR

Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality: Which is right for your needs? Let our experts help you decide.

Multi-platform Support

We specialize in apps for HoloLens, Android AR, Vive, Oculus, and many other platforms.

Science-Driven Results

Our team works closely with universities to ensure our applications have a scientific background.

Internet Of Things

We've worked on many different IoT devices and peripheral devices that improve the user's experience.

Peripheral Development

Have and idea for an input / output device like a custom joystick or feedback device? We can help!


Our team can help guide your app to the best user experience possible.

Our Products

VideoHOP VideoHOP edit videos easily

Quickly edit and annotate videos on the fly without modifying the source video(s).
Jump, zoom, pan, and repeat sections of videos with ease!

Mirror Mimic Mirror Mimic

Put yourself in the action with this video tool that can help you do fitness training by mimicking an instructor as if they were in a mirror in front of you!

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