Augmented Reality Made Easy!

Don't just watch your video! Be a part of it!

Be part of your video in real-time!

Whether you're trying to learn a new skill, showcasing a professional presentation, or just  playing around with friends. Mirror Mimic makes it easy to drop yourself into the action allowing you to make yourself as transparent or opaque as you like when you want! Viewers will be able to see whatever your camera sees on top of the video of your choice.

Video Supported

Mirror Mimic supports all modern standard video formats for easy access to your personal content.   

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Windows or Android

Mirror Mimic semi-transparently superimposes a webcam feed over any regular video.

Mirror Mimic gives you the tools to quickly and easily insert yourself into any video on Windows or Android platforms. Videos can come from a local source saved to your device or from an internet URL. All you need is a webcam and Mirror Mimic will do the rest.

Once your videos and webcam are added, your webcam stream will be superimposed over the video. At this point you can adjust the transparency of the webcam so that either you or the background is more visible. You can play the video back windowed or in full screen and directly follow along. Mirror Mimic also comes with an alignment tool to precisely match yourself up with a location in the video.

By overlaying yourself onto videos, you can give presentations that are far more personal, interactive and understandable. A great deal of human communication comes from facing who you are speaking and making eye contact with your audience. With Mirror Mimic, you can easily achieve this as you can see the presentation information yourself while still looking directly into the camera. You can point to and highlight important points while never getting in the audience’s way. Text and visuals in the background video are still clearly visible at all times while you are presenting semi transparently.

This transparent overlay can also bring benefits to using instructional and training videos. Mirror Mimic’s video alignment tool allows you follow along with expert videos and walkthroughs. After a short sequence where you line up the instructor in the background video with yourself in the webcam. Mirror Mimic will automatically adjust and scale the background video so that you are directly imposed over the expert in the video. Now you can mimic their movements and learn directly from a pro with instant feedback about how closely you can match their technique.. Mirror Mimic training can bring benefits to sports training, yoga, karaoke, learning sign language, dancing and almost anything else you can find with an expert video.